Integration Innovation – Content Integration Whitepaper

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Integration Innovation – Content Integration Whitepaper

The future is here, with the drive for innovation as the harbinger.

With the positivity associated with powerful new technology systems, comes equally as challenging problems around realization and awareness – as well as with management of data and content. As a result, many existing sectors within IT are being challenged to evolve and integrate in new directions that might not sit in their sweet spot. And more rapidly, firms are realizing this and taking action.

In April 2015, IBM announced a 2BIL investment in Internet of Things, (IoT) technology development, while other large giants like EMC2 launching new innovative offerings frequently. For each new technology, the whole infrastructure of supporting services must make decisions to adapt or conform – from content management and cloud applications to analytics. For most companies the answer has been simple: they must innovate to keep in step with the global trends. But what are these trends, and what challenges does their realization and integration truly entail for content management? And moreover, what does the future that can embrace these challenges look like?

Qtility Whitepaper: Integration Innovation – Content ManagementTrends 2015 (PDF)